Terry Maluk, MSPH, Stress Relief Expert

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Free 15-Minute Strategy Session

Free 15-Minute Strategy Session
How is stress impacting you? Learn how you can let it go and be your Best Self!

(15 minutes)

60-minute EFT Tapping Session

60-Minute EFT Tapping Session
Learn the scientifically-proven method of EFT Tapping and experience its benefits right away.

(1 hour)
$ 250.00

Package 1 - Three 60-minute EFT Tapping Sessions

To dive deeper and become more proficient in the use of EFT Tapping to relieve stress and the impacts of stress on your life, body, and spirit, a three-session package will help provide what you need. Includes 3 full hours of one-on-one coaching via video conferencing and bonus materials.

(3 hours)
$ 597.00

Transformation Package - Five 60-minute EFT Tapping Sessions

Are you a woman suffering from chronic stress? For deep transformational work that will help you reduce and relieve stress and its impact on your life, your body, and your spirit, this is the most popular and beneficial package. You’ll receive five full hours of one-on-one coaching via video conferencing, email access, and bonus materials included to enhance your home practice.

(5 hours)
$ 997.00